Over the River and Through the Woods

When we lived in the old farm house in the country, the laundry was in the basement.  It was exhausting to travel two flights of stairs three times for each load.  But, as Mimi always said, that’s water under the bridge.

Front of House 005

I was reminded of it recently, however, when I was carrying each load across the field…


Over the creek…


Through the switchback…


Up the hill…


Past the woodpile (Aren’t they cute?)…


And up the stairs to my sister-in-law’s house…


And loving it the whole time!  Not every woman gets to enjoy such invigoration with every load!  Beauty.  Fresh air.  Exercise.

I thought you’d like to join me on my walk back down…

…where Cliff was working on the RV.

Lots of you have asked how I cook, so I thought that I would take a picture of supper in the electric skillet.  A carb-modified recipe from my friend Marybeth.  No leftovers tonight!


Staying here at Opa and Oma’s has been a peaceful ending to our Indiana chapter.


6 thoughts on “Over the River and Through the Woods

  1. What a beautiful place you’ve been staying at. If you can hear me, Natalie… I’m laughing (with you) at your description of your trek to do the laundry. Your enthusiasm is inspiring. 🙂 And that supper dish looks delicious!


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