Reflections from the Basement – Early 2016

I don’t think that I’ve ever lived in a basement before, but I became very fond of this one.  It was “home” for us From New Year’s Day until mid-March.  The Bopps generously offered it to us until we found another rig.  I don’t think either of us anticipated such a long stay, but there we were!


It was a huge blessing.

The kids were in heaven.  We exactly doubled the size of their household.




And it came complete with a dog, too!



We finally found another RV on my birthday.  We bought it in Ohio, moved into it in Indiana, and then immediately the kids and I took a non-RV trip to northeastern Pennsylvania to visit my sister.  We stayed…in her basement!



And although both were very nice basements, and we were staying with very nice people, I was so ready to get back to a new normal in our own place.  It’s taken awhile for me to write this post about this chapter of our lives.  I’ve had a couple of months to reflect on it.  In the end, I think it’s best to keep the post short & sweet!



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