5 States in 5 Days! – March 2016

We left Indiana at 4am on a Wednesday.  Sunrise in Ohio.  Picked up my niece from school in PA that afternoon.  Later that week, ice cream in NJ and a historical graveyard in NY.  On Easter Sunday, we were “Back Home Again in Indiana” for dinner!

Here’s a pictorial synopsis:



This is actually a boulder field in the middle of a huge forest in the middle of nowhere!  I’m including several pictures to help you see the scope and magnitude.  (That pink dot in middle of the picture is my daughter!)  It was our favorite destination in our 5-state spree!


I may look pretty happy in this picture, but I was fighting bronchitis in a major way.  I’m sure my hacking provided no serenity to my fellow hikers!  The minute we returned to Indiana, I went to Immediate Care!


This rock is the exact spot where PA, NJ, and NY come together!


We want to return to northeastern PA soon to do even more exploring with the Koontz!

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