More Practice Makes… – June 2016

This weekend we headed to Cincinnati for more practice with RVing on the fly.  The previous weekend we didn’t have reservations, but we called around and found campgrounds when we arrived.  This time, we decided to give boondocking a try.  That basically means you park somewhere and are not attached to power, water, or sewer.

We again arrived after dark and landed in the Walmart parking lot in Aurora, IN.  Doesn’t this picture look glorious?


I assure you, though, had the picture been taken from the opposite side of our rig, you would see all the glory of a Walmart parking lot!

We spent 2 days at the Creation Museum.  Cliff earned a point by taking the kids through the exhibits while I camped out on a blanket in their gardens (hence the featured image at the top).  I wish we could boondock at their gardens!  Aaahhhh…


Anyway, here’s the highlights.



The second night was spent at the fairgrounds in Lawrenceburg, IN.


They were having dirt track racing, so we got to hear it into the wee hours of the night.  And because we were in a valley, we actually got to hear it twice!  Oooh boy!  Seriously, though, it was fun (and free).  The kids played ball in this field.

Cliff is a master at driving the RV, and I complement him with my navigational skills.  On Sunday morning, however, we relied on the GPS to take us to a nearby laundromat (which we discovered later didn’t actually even exist!)  So here’s what happened…


That little yellow sign to the right of the archway says 11′ 6″.  Our rig is 12′.  Screeeech!  (Don’t you think that was a little bit of late notice?  I’m just sayin’.)

Anyway, thankfully our Obadiah knew exactly what to do.  It’s what he suggests in every trial.  Pray.  So we did.  And guess who showed up?


Whew!  Thanks, officer.  And thank you, Lord!

I still don’t have the laundry done.

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