Cody, WY – July 3-4, 2016

Cliff needed to do a project for work, as well as some minor repairs here & there, so I took the kids out to explore the town of Cody.


We planned to explore the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, but the town had different plans for us. We stumbled upon their annual “Stampede” parade while searching for the museum, so we parked and walked toward the festivities. This was unlike any parade we’d ever seen. Our town of Franklin has wonderful parades, but this one topped it, without a doubt. Almost every entry was on horseback!

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We resumed our plans to visit the museum, which was actually 5 museums in one.


I’ve heard it called “The Smithsonian of the West.” It was very well done.


We were fortunate to observe a talk on raptors, during which Uriah volunteered to participate in an eating contest with a peregrine falcon! Uriah got to eat a banana instead of the hunk of raw quail meat offered to the bird of prey, who was the victor in this game of speed.


I thought that I could create some postcards for Cody, Wyoming. Here’s a few that I’ve dreamed up:

“We ate too much candy in Cody!”


“I lost my tooth in Cody!”


“I raced a raptor in Cody!”


“We watched fireworks out our RV window in the Cody Walmart parking lot!”


What do you think? Is there a future for me in postcard creating?

The next day in Cody was spent just piddling around doing laundry & such. Next stop: Yellowstone!

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