The word Selah means “pause, and calmly think about that.”

At this point in our trip, we were “halfway” in both distance and time.  Having reached the Pacific, it was time to turn around and head home, which was a good thing since we had used half of the allotted 2-month vacation generously allowed by Cliff’s employer.


It was a good & natural time to reflect on the past month.  It seems like just yesterday we were back at Opa’s.  But at the same time it seems like Indiana is a world away.


This trip definitely wasn’t our original vision.  We pictured us spending more time, living at a slow place, digesting all of the science and history of each area, learning by doing and seeing rather than by reading textbooks, fellowshipping with each community and serving there in some way.


We only scratched the surface of each area we encountered.  In fact, we had to “skip” some things, even though we were right there in their backyard!  We never experienced Jewel Cave, Glacier, Crater Lake, Hoh Rain Forest, Rocky Mountain National Park, and more.


But given all of that, we have had the time of our lives!


Our “someday” is RIGHT NOW!


Our dream is a reality!


Absolutely no regrets!


It is easy to think of everything we “lost” in making our decision.  And although we loved our beautiful home & community, our conveniences, and our belongings, we do not mourn for them.  There was nothing “wrong” with any of it.  But we have gained infinitely more.


We find ourselves missing all of you, our friends and family.  We miss being a part of your lives and community.  The absence of you has left a longing in us much greater than more space or more stuff or even a long, hot shower.


As a matter-of-fact, the pull toward home was more motivating than the pull to get somewhere “impossible!”


Where will we live when we get home?  Who knows?  We will definitely continue to travel, but it will be within the time and budget constraints of a “normal” vacation.  We hope to go to Pensacola, Crater of Diamonds, Gettysburg, Boston, DC, and others in upcoming years.


Will we buy a house?  We’re praying about it.  We’d love to have your prayers, too.


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