WY, oh WY do we have to leave Wyoming! – August 3, 2016

As I was getting ready for our Colorodo post, I discovered some photos of our drive out of the Flaming Gorge and across southern Wyoming that I just had to include, so here’s the scoop…

This is the last known photo of Hazardous Cliff in the Flaming Gorge.  Ignore the trash dumpster for a minute and check out that sunrise!



Fresh scenes appeared during the morning drive!



But I’m not sure the kids saw it!



We stopped for breakfast in the parking lot of an abandoned building at an interstate exit.  Nadia unexpectedly burst out, “Papa, will you buy this for me?”  After some questioning, we discovered that she wanted to fix up the building and turn it into a hospital, where she would help sick people.  Sweet!  I finally convinced her that a photograph of the place would have to do for now, but that she could always have that dream in her heart as she grows.



Moving on, we saw a historical stop along the road & decided to stop.  It was a tree.



Now, this isn’t just any tree.  It is the tree.  And that makes a big difference.



It is the tree that existed on this landscape for quite some distance and quite some time.  It was used as a landmark when settlers were traveling through the area.  It was even “babied” by railroadmen as they passed through.  They watered it to encourage it along in such a rough & rugged terrain.  As train passengers clickety-clacked by, they flocked to the windows to get a sight of it.  And later, the interstate was built around it.  Today, this landmark is guarded by a stout fence.



What made it thrive here, when no other tree could do it?  What makes it hang on, its roots dug into granite?  I don’t know, but let it be an encouragement to us today.



From there we enjoyed some more scenery before turning south toward Colorado.  We were so excited about this bison welcoming people into Wyoming that we missed the “Welcome to Colorado” sign!



Thanks for humoring me by reading one more Wyoming post before we move on.  Next stop: Boulder and Colorado Springs (for real this time!)

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