Terre Haute – August 8-11, 2016

Back home again in Indiana!  But just barely!



It had always been in our back pocket, the idea of taking a vacation from our vacation.  You’d think that after a six-week vacation, we’d be pretty rested up.  But, as my friend Jill warned me before we left, what we did was not relaxing.  It was enjoyable.  It was stimulating.  But relaxing?  Not even close.

At no point on our trip had we spent more than 3 nights in one location.  Nor would we do so at the Terre Haute KOA.  What we would do here is just relax and slow down.  No destinations here but the pool!

We’d never stayed in a “nice” campground like this before.  It kinda felt like being at a resort.



We were not used to the humidity, so it was nice to have help from the pool in adjusting!



The ice cream didn’t hurt, either.  (Not quite Tillamook, but it’ll do.)


The kids got to feed donkeys from cake cones,



Play lifesized chess & checkers,



Romp through the playground,



And pedal around the track!



Cliff taught Nadia to swim without her flotation device.  You should’ve seen her smiling and jumping in once she had the confidence.



And the boys played umpteen different games together.



We had the pool to ourselves except for an encouraging Christian lady.  It was a real blessing.  Truth be told, there’s a fair share of stress in 6 people traveling over 6,000 miles in 6 weeks.  I don’t mean that in a bad way…just trying to be real.  A good explanation of our journey would be “gloriously exhausting!”

We pulled out of Terre Haute on our way to surprise Grandmother in Greenwood.  That was a fun reunion.  We were also reunited with the refreshment of rain.  Little did we know that it would continue to rain almost nonstop for over a week!  (At that point we kind of wished we hadn’t come home so soon!)



And so it was that we re-entered reality’s gravitational pull.

From here, we’ll head back to Opa’s.

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