What do you do in Brown County in the winter? Rent a log cabin! – Dec ’16 through Mar ’17

The motorhome was fine and dandy.  Until winter came.  Then, it was just plain C-O-L-D!  With single-pane windows, no insulation, and exposed plumbing, it was evident that we needed a plan.  And soon.



We helped my mom move into her new place…



…and then prayed for one of our own.  Thankfully, friends of ours had a rental cabin just around the Brown-County corner from Opa’s!


We moved in the day after Cliff’s birthday.  I cannot describe to you the refreshment we felt at the Scripture plastered everywhere and all the room to spread out.



We took advantage of every square inch!


It was fun for the children and I to take on creative projects and cooking adventures!


Christmas in a log cabin was also a real treat!  You gotta love the deer on the wall!



We have payed until the end of March, when we will move back into the RV and park it at Opa’s.  (Have you ever heard of “Home is where you park it?”  Well, it definitely applies in our case!)  Here we are “spring cleaning” our campsite.



Our summer plans include a 3-week Gettysburg/DC/Virginia Beach/Appalachia trip, one week in Pensacola Beach, as well as several of our favorite weekend getaways.  We’ll be sure to send pictures!

We’d love to hear what you have planned!


3 thoughts on “What do you do in Brown County in the winter? Rent a log cabin! – Dec ’16 through Mar ’17

  1. So glad we were able to visit you in the cabin. It’s a charming place, for sure. And Amy H. recently told me about the crocheted beards the boys made. So glad to see a picture of O. wearing one! Love it! You guys are amazing. And fun. And amazing. All the pictures are great!


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