In the past I have studied on Unity as a sandwich, with the strength of the bread holding the sandwich together in such a way that it is also yielding.  It “gives” every time your fingers sink into the fluffy goodness when you pick it up to take a bite.



I have also meditated on Unity as the stitching of a garment, holding the whole thing together in love.



This past winter at the Cabin, while I was studying the muscular system with the kids, a revelation came to me about the unity of so-called opposing muscles.  One example is the bicep/tricep muscle group.  I will leave this to you to meditate upon yourself.  Two united as one.



While studying hexaflexagons in school this spring (a worthy endeavor, if you are so inclined),



we also stumbled across an example of strength in the unity of three strands in a braid while watching a YouTube video on Borromean Onion Rings.  (Yes, if you’re looking for an amazing time…go down that rabbit trail!)  Three in one.

onion ring


And this week my studies have led me to think about a simple circle, consisting only of a Center and a circumference, upon which each point exists equidistant from the Center.  One.



No, this post really doesn’t have anything to do with the Bird Family’s travels.  But in another sense, I feel like it encompasses something greater…the journey of life that each one of us currently explores.  For this reason, I have not injected many of my own thoughts and discoveries in this area.  I’ve left that for you, my friends.  Enjoy!


(Speaking of unity, our next posts will be on George Washington’s Mount Vernon and Washington, DC!)

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